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The Philadelphia 76ers today announced that they will sign Bensalem High School senior Kevin Grow to a ceremonial two-day contract.He will be an NBA player(including being a part of all the activities of an NBA player) and with his 14 points (3 3-pointers & a the buzzer beater) he's a hero and reminder that we cannot & should not degrade a person's worth based on his or her disabilities. I further would like to use this post to encourage everyone not to ever use the R word. You don't want to be joking around & use it while someone with mental/physical disabilities walks by(same as the N word). I recognize the usage isn't to demean but it does hurt people.Great job from the Sixers organization. I encourage everyone to stop the use of the R word & be reminded that all humans are equal & deserve equal respect. Don't treat anyone differently, be yourself. If you read this, I appreciate it & hope you enjoy your day, thanks.
I want him on the Bulls so badly.
Congrats to Joakim Noah, 2x NBA All-Star.
It’s unofficial but it seems Jo is an All-Star!

we traded the great Teague..this can’t be life.

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Simply everything that you’d want in a player, to me he’s the greatest human being currently in the NBA & more so in Sports. I’m going to miss him, I’ve been watching Bulls games since he was drafted. That’s when I really started to enjoy basketball, for me personally he was the greatest Bulls player(obviously not the best).
What a tremendous person who continues to live a tremendous life. He’s faced so much & in turn given just as much to Sudan, Chicagoans, and Bulls fans. He’s been in a Bulls uniform since I began to become a fan. Since the Baby Bulls era..win lose or draw I’ve always seen this guy play, I’ve never missed a game ever & I was rewarded with being able to appreciate Sweet Lu when no one cared about our team.
It’s strange & I’m saddened, I knew we had to do this but it doesn’t help at all. I hope I see him in a Bulls uniform 1 last time & I hope he loves us enough to return here and make us his home for good, hope you the best.

This kid is great, shout out to all the Blazer fans, you got someone special!

Always rocking the Rose shoes, he should have his own shoes.
If you want a 2nd team to root for it should be the Blazers.
Anonymous asked: They're tanking but "trying".

I’m for it, we lost to the worst teams in the league. The Knicks will be our biggest challenge but I think we can get the L.

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Anonymous asked: Okay did Noah get injured in that last game or something? just heard about he's "injury" not too long ago today.

They said 3-4 games ago I think.

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Anonymous asked: A little skeptical about Noah's "injury".

I was too..but he has been consistently injury prone.. 

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How do you not notice this?
This is during the end of a close game too..

At least we aren’t the Nets, right? lol
Anonymous asked: I think we should go head and try to get Rudy Gay from the Raptors cause at this point we need scoring and he's the perfect SF for us

You may be on to something, he takes dumb shots & misses a lot.

Helps the tanking

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This is tonight’s Bull’s game in a GIF:


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